For Eternity…

Sometimes I wonder, will you and I ever be
Sometimes I hope too much, crushing on our dreams;
But I know,
We won’t ever be.

Sometimes I wonder, why fate is unkind
Sometimes I hope, our love will truly bind;
But I know,
Fate’s already written our song.

Sometimes I wonder, which star you’re sleeping under
Sometimes I hope, you and I will be home;
But I know,
You sleep with another.

Sometimes I wonder, if we hadn’t found each other
Sometimes I hope, our hearts would shine to yearn;
But I know,
Our lives not in this lifetime.

Sometimes I wonder, why all this is not fair
Sometimes I hope, you’re not as hurt, despaired;
But I know,
Fate’s being cruel to be kind.

Sometimes I wonder, why I’m not sought after
Sometimes I hope -you think of me each, and every day;
But I know,
You pray to keep me safe.

Sometimes I wonder, if we’d have a chance encounter
Sometimes I hope, life has a surprise in store;
But I know,
We’re too good to ever meet.

Sometimes I do wonder, which right is truly right
And sometimes I hope, we haven’t got it wrong;
But I know,
There’s still more than we’ll ever know.

Sometimes I wonder, and sometimes I hope,
But I know
It’s our destiny;
One day, together we’ll be…for eternity.

Image sourced from:

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013

*Image sourced from: tumblr.


9 thoughts on “For Eternity…

    • Thank you John, I really appreciate your kind, humbling words. Sorry to hear it relates to you too, it’s too heartbreaking as feelings go, you deserve to be happy in your life and relations.

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