Alice Chose…Why Not Me?

Scribes Ink.

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You’re staring at me with ‘that’ look

indicating to what you took.

“Come on,

take one…

it’s for the best,


Your palm holds out a sweet for me,

I wonder which one I should take today…

“Where’s the red and blue pill -you know that’s the ones I’ll instil.

Alice made the choice you know -that’s the place I’d rather go;

reality versus the fake, a choice I’d rather decide to take

-not this ‘happy’ pill you prescribe -with that one I’d really, rather die.”

Your look pains (in dismay), you heard this all -just the other day.

“It’s not red -nor blue, this ones white -just for you,

this will help you clearly think, just try it and see -no tricks.”

The pill now lays in my hand, it stares and bellows out loud.


I couldn’t

Not now -not after all the ‘…’ I allowed.



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