Iced Sirens

Scribes Ink.

The iced lakes thaw -but once a year
-Bringing deadly mixes -draws out tears;
Bodies encased in a tomb of wet,
Swollen and pumped -a ballooned up pet.
Frozen in time, iced innocence shines,
Once let out to thaw, their dark hearts defines
-Confined to the water, they swim to the shore;
Calls of sirens -which seductively lure.
Mesmerising each passerby
-Until they slip and drift, drown and they die…
Waterlogged corpses drinks up their souls,
Infiltrating their bodies, minds into ghouls;
Never to be seen -never to be heard,
These water-bound monsters -dwell in the lakes iced-beds.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 29.08.2013

This poem I wrote after watching ’LOTR The Two Towers’ a few weeks -this was inspired by the wet-boglands Frodo, Sam and Gollum walk through, so inspirational credit goes to Tolkien and Peter Jackson & crew. I hope you enjoy the read.

[Image sourced from: Wallpaper Million

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