Barren Lands

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There stands a girl

On barren lands,

She stands so tall

She orbs a glow;

Her smile, bewitching

Hey eyes, reads souls

On tender hook

(Slowly uncoils).

Meadows pastures she offers gladly,

Sunshine laments her heart sadly.

Zealous joy – she’s been seeking,

From boundless promises he’s not been keeping.

Poignant songs fall from her lips,

Her evocative dance sways from her hips;

Dull aches resonates her heart

Scars resurface, in tired parts…

Lifelong battles, weathered, buried

Lifts at quiet tears shed

-Still she stands, tall and proud

Refuses to fall, be ploughed…

Of the barren lands she’s made a home,

She’s forever torn, all alone.

~ Copyright ©yikici.  2013

*Image sourced from: Bewitching Names.


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