I like collaborations, this is one I’ve written with Stablish, we had fun, hope you enjoy reading it.

Enlightening Hearts

Where once united, our band diminishes,

Forced to leave

by power of hand

By the governess of land

In worlds we no longer understand

Masterpieces untitled. Melodies unfinished.

Forced to quit

We had to disband, Into foreign land.

Is this the way they planned?

Utopia painted pictures

Glorifying guns in pages

Where did we stand?

Generations de-clan

Lands strewn with blood of our ages.

Society bound by scriptures

Enslaved through tyrants rages.

When will we stand?

Unite and re-clan

We can turn the pages.

Free our minds from TV speak

Indoctrinated nations freed

Where we heart it

We must believe it

It’s our time to force it, change it.

Cos when we’re free, we can’t be weak.

It’s time to believe, stand up and speak.

Just a tiny spark could start.

And blow what we know apart.

Lift us up from dark.

We mustn’t…

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