Battle Scars

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It’s no use
This to and froing
One step forward
Two steps back
An ever increasing circle
Tormenting all that you are, were.
What’s the point?
What’s your gain?
All that remains just pains
Unspoken words, locked
Buried secrets, swept
No one will know
You crawl
A world created by you,
for you.
Key in hand,
illusions of heart
-Severs it in seams.
Ties torn, life thrown
One crazed madness, you let go
The battle starts, climbs
Your strength tied
Invisible scars reflect in eyes
Lost in words of make-believe
Wanting to believe
But can’t
You don’t know how.
Your perfect world crumbles
Realities filter through mirrors in mind
Distorts what you know
Skews your heart, your vision
Tangled web of unknowns
A corset to your soul
It tugs, contorts
Uniforms your core
Numbness fills
Your, once glimmering spark

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013

*Image sourced from: DeviantArt.


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