The Candles’ Curse

Scribes Ink.

A flickering candle lit the corner of a room,
It warmed the only part -of the dark hidden tomb.
None came to visit, none able to leave
A bewitching curse, driven most captive to grieve.

This flickering candle danced in the dark,
It sung out in whispers -to lovers apart;
Drawing them in -to the curse of the room,
Enticing their sorrows, as they slip to their doom.

This candle which flickers, grins and it boasts
Raises its shadow -till it’s all but a ghost
-Taunts both the lovers, puts fear in their hearts,
Chains them eternally -till death do apart.

This candle (which flickers) leaves tender sweet trails,
Entices the lovers -to calm and set sail.
A journey to dark (as stories depicted)
Of man and of woman and being restricted.

This flickering candle, sets a death vow
Confines both our lovers -a field they can’t plough;
Opens the…

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