Web’s Spun

Curled in a web
I wait for you
Refusing to believe
Your make-believes
Wondering when you will show
When your lies will start to flow

Your web glints in the quietest snow

You spin yarns from the finest silks
Weaving words with a sultry kiss
Caressing minds,
confusing souls
The truth I seek
Will you ever show?

Your eyes surrender mischievous play

You smile, sweetly, serenely
Glazing hearts in pure honey
Giving warmth
Yet taking much more
Your eyes speak words which no one knows

Except for I, your truest woe.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013


5 thoughts on “Web’s Spun

      • Music does help, but I’m not too bad today, just that poem is not too optimistic, that’s all; but thank you for your kind words of positivity.

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