Our Time

Plagued by my past
Hung by my future
Left to waste in my present
Without you
I’m lost

Swimming against the blackest tide
Sinking in sands of the quick
Where once I levitated to my centre of you
Your gravitational pull now leaves me off kilter

Where once my sun was you
Your absence is the dark-side of the moon
Astral paths have been and gone
Where once we shone
We’ve been dethroned
Galaxies in universes afar
A love story of once which were
Twin hearts drawn close
Then twisted, torn
In the darkest storms
Where your star lit safe paths home
Where your arms were the safest place I’ve ever known
When knowing each-others souls
Reading each with just a look or a word

Where we were meant to be so much more

This lifetime not ours
This time not synched to us

Where you’re my first kiss and last
Where obstacles just getting in the way
Being strong is the only thing we know
That maybe
Maybe one day
We’ll meet again
Same time
Same place
Same galaxies been and gone
This time
Our time
Our place
Our home.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 08.11.2013


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