Warm heat pulsates up my back
Signals nightmares to attack
Calls in spirits, ghosts and ghouls
Waits impatiently for me to snooze
Our dream vendetta goes way back
A struggle to-and-fro attacks
The dark dreams falter as I grow
Silently whispers to all my foes
Ready to trick, pounce then freeze
Render me motionless, a breeze
Whispers immoral mutterings in my ears
Fills my heart with phantom fears
This the sign I do take
Force myself to just wake
Battle internally then out
Till my eyes fling open -I shout
Sit up frazzled in my bed
Wait for the warmness of my back to fade
Sometimes minutes, sometimes hours
Eventually it subsides and cowers
Then the lull of sleep lures me in
Softly, sweetly, serenely.

~ Copyright yikici 2013

*Image sourced from: DeviantArt.


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