For You

My heart, I’ve left for you,
Take it with lock and key.
It’s yours to wrap, protect,
To save till eternity.
Harbour all my love
(An oaf I’d gladly be).
My love, my word’s, my bond,
Please know this forever be.
My gift is my dying deed,
For you, you must uphold.
Please do not shed a tear,
We knew this day we’d see.
Your focus should be our home,
Our children must be strong.
Shower them our love,
Help them to grow.
Teach them how to love
-Resign not to life;
May they heal and heal you too,
For them, please be strong.
I’ll love you till eternity,
Let this be our song.
My heart,
Crumbles knowingly
-This is hard for you.
I wish I could amend such things,
I’m limitless on my own.
My heart has been all for you,
My life pledged, true.
I cannot bear the thought,
I’m hurting you as I part.
If only I could change this too,
Save your shattered heart;
I’d lay to ruins just for you,
I don’t want to be apart.
Kiss me one last time,
Let me remember you.
I’ve savoured all your love,
In this kiss you will see;
Seal our love to this
-Rejoice this when I’m gone.
Remember me with a smile,
I’m yours eternally.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013.

I recently completed a half-marathon (13.1 miles) walk for Shine Cancer Research UK, this poem seems fitting for that event.  If you would like to spare some cash for the cause, please feel free to visit my official fundraising page on JustGiving.


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