The House at the Top of the Hill

Alas it’s come to an end..enjoy the last of the spooky writes.

Richard M. Ankers - Author

Here is the last of the Ozlem Yikici and Richard Ankers Halloween collaborations. We genuinely hope you like it. Please don’t forget to check out A Poet’s Journey @


Spectres line a misty path

Forcing steps to deaden worlds

An eerie house, upon a hill

Beckons spectators to reach within


Spiral path to creaking door

Resonates with death, hate

Yet trembling hand grasps at handle

And opens to wailing horrors of the dead


Walls glossed with scarlet red

A ghostly hand wisps past heads

Icicles chatter along hunched backs

Hanging noose’ wails ‘welcome back’


A place of horror vast with hate

Beyond the ken of these mortal unfortunates 

Exuding all that’s been and gone

This horror house is oh so wrong


A trap door swings (crossing corridors)

A bloodied limb reaches (takes a swing)

There’s no way out (‘xcept the backdoor) 

But a ghoul’s standing…

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