Sacrificed and Slaughtered

Richard M. Ankers - Author

Welcome back. Here is the penultimate Ozlem Yikici and Richard Ankers Halloween collaboration. We genuinely hope you like it. Please don’t forget to check out A Poet’s Journey @ Thank you.


Jagged lightening forks the sky

As grumbling gods make presence felt.

Obsidian night in temporary light

Hides shadows otherwise lost,

And I know what it is to fear!


I cower under the gods growing reign

Onyx pulsating across my skin

Poison intoxicating my mind

My darkest recesses brought out to shine,

How that fear attacks black sublime.


Sweat rolling across polished skin

To cascade from hands and jaw

As crack of blistering heavenly pain

Seek out my mind and tired body

And resistance weakens, strength diminishes


In a bottomless pit I’m sinking

Sand quickening under my worn feet

My tossed and ruptured body, fleeing

For what I truly must, I succumb

Flanks of mine, stripped from…

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