Reaper of Souls who Drifts

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Resides a monster, seething red
Incites fire (words of dread),
Looks an angel, walks the part
She’s sculpted herself like a work of art
Inside her heart she’s the blackest dark
Her skin silken -though she wears the mark
Dons a mask, she struts gliding
Seeping hate -she does so smiling
Words of grace, laced with mace
Her crimson spark seduces rage
Angelic glow marred hellish rousing
She plays with hearts without comprising
Women, men, it doesn’t matter
Her role’s mischief, to torment, shatter
Watch out, for she’s in our midst
Serenading souls with a sultry kiss
A death wish for those who drift.

~ Copyright ©yikici 2013

*Image sourced from: DeviantArt.


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