Boooo to you all (Happy Halloween)…here’s the fifth instalment of our collaboration (yep, me and Richard Ankers -who else (do check out his blog too)). I know you’re looking forward to it, so let me leave you with this eerie tale (yes it’s a poem).

Image sourced from: http://www.mofobian.com/beauty-in-sociology/

Disclaimer: Possibly disturbing content (we do not condone or glorify this), 18+ cautionary recommendation.

Slashed veins bubble on a stone of slab,
Smearing in grooves as a body’s dragged.
Pentagram lines, mimic blackened floors,
As cursed chants evokes undeaden gore.

Incantations stir the stone,
To resurrect blood and bone
And freezing wind streams through the gloom,
Extinguishing candles beneath the moon.

Darkness shrouds the room in smoke,
Enchantress swirls to invoke;
Patching up the limbs and arms,
Remaining bodies which withheld harm;

And rise in ruins bodies do,
Broken forms of darkness given life,
Stumbling, shuffling masses of death,
Enchantress smile meets broken face.

Eyes too hollow, death seeps through,
Enchantress chants, makes body like new;
Limbs disjoined, disfigured heart,
Radiates evil, lost soul departs.

~ Copyright ©yikici & Richard Ankers. 2013

(Halloween Special)

This has been a joy to be part of, I’d like to thank Richard for putting up with my emails of WordPress disasters (I’ve had a few) and also say it’s been delightful; I do hope we do another collaboration project again (hint, hint lol).

*Image sourced from: Mofobian.com.


9 thoughts on “Rising

      • Yes, I enjoy it very much too. Perhaps we might DUET some time. Feel free to peruse my site and see if you might like to collaborate with me as well.
        Keep Inspiring

      • I’m lost for words, it’s always an honour to collaborate with great writers, thank you for asking me..I’ll check out your site when I’ve fully woken up, right now I’m half in sleepland 😁✨

      • I don’t know about great writer, as I am fairly new to it, but I enjoy my darker more creative side and have enjoyed the collaborations I have done so far. Look up the Partners in rhyme category as well as anything else that catches your eye when you visit my site.
        I look forward to hearing from you.
        Keep Inspiring

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