Red’s Hidden Agenda

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Once upon a time
Tales were told in rhyme
-There too were tales of woe,
About a little red-caped foe.

Red Ridding Hood her name,
She really was insane.
She made an evil plan,
With a well-known science man.

Of all his experiments,
Frankenstein the monster, her fix.
They plotted and they planned,
A dastardly evil clan;
A mix of human bits
With animal biogenetics‘.

What they soon derived,
Came very much alive;
For Red’s grandma lived
With a wolfs appetite for kids.

Little did they know
-the wolfs’ genetics did grow;
A mitosis of sorts,
Grandma became a foe.

At that stage (we know)
Little Red jolted

(for the door was securely bolted).

Grandmas wolf smiled
-as she devoured her inside.

Say what of Frankenstein’s Viktor?
Well, he continues concocting victims;
Hoping that one day
A cure he’ll find one way
To cover-up his sins of mixing ethics with theoretics.
So he marches on,
A journey for his song
A Minotaur was the last
A creature of the past,
It haunts him to this day
Though he’s not given-up,
No way.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013

*Image sourced from: Blingee.



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