My Name is Red


My name is Red
You know me as Ruby
(it’s one of my names).

When terror strikes
You know me as blood
Veins bleeding, bloodshot.

When cupid says hi
You know me as heart
Love, roses. A simple blush.

In art
I’m vermillion
Or alizarin crimson.

When it comes to gems
Garnets adorns eyes
Scarlet, burgundy.

What say of fruits?
Strawberries, cherries
Pomegranates, red currents.

My favourite, sign of luck
A Chinese tradition
Fortune favours the reddest (no reason).

Then there’s the drink, wine
So divine
Quenches, thirsts, aids sins, pleasures of skins.

With rainbows
(The light)
It’s Magenta skies

Of all these I still favour red
Simply scrumptious
A heavens godsend.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013



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