Dying Drops

Halloween is just around the corner, I’m delighted to be able to share our (Richard Ankers and I) third collaboration with you all (there’s three more to come your way, keep your eyes out for more freaky readings…

Disclaimer: This has disturbing content (we do not condone or glorify this), therefore please read with caution, not suitable for young readers (18+).

Edge of razor

Drags at skin,

I pull, the pain,

Then back again.

Searing skin

Serrating sin,

Scarlet drops

Gush, gorging veins.

The pain, so pure

Within my thoughts,

Burns at memories

As blade, digs deep.

Each incision

Kills a dream,


What could have been…

Image sourced from: http://cdnimg.visualizeus.com/thumbs/89/44/blood,crazy,horror,scary,woman,cool-89448f536032acb530bd6def86ca7f29_h.jpg

~ Copyright ©yikici & Richard Ankers.  2013.

*Image sourced from:  Visualise Us.


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