The Patient Mind

Halloween Special: A very, very short story.

Scribes Ink.

The door swung open; I waited patiently as always.  I waited, I waited…it just swung back and forth in the wind, Sally smiled down on me “It’s time you stopped this -you know..?”

I shook my head “’it’s not time, I must now count to a hundred.”

“It won’t change.” she pressed my shoulders gently and left.

I waited, watching the breeze filter the leaves in and out, I counted.

Sally came again, I counted two hundred, then three, then four, “it won’t change,” she said again.  I knew, in my heart I knew, it would, but I couldn’t tell Sally, she didn’t know…she didn’t know the nights, the nights it changed, it promised it’ll change today –it promised yesterday and the day before, it promised, so it must, I knew, in my heart I knew.  Sally walked past, she walked past every day, said the same things, she…

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