The Witch and the Reaper

One wing of bat,
one fur-ball of cat,
two tonsils of Jedi’s,
(now’s where is my hat?)
Stir in three slugs,
add two electric plugs,
magic in cauldron-
(there’s a

I peep through the door,
(Glares two stony eyes),
Says he’s the Reaper,
I glide down my cries.
This weren’t the bargain,
I made them wherein,
He’s seven years early,
With no heaven gate pearly.
I shout through the door:
‘Please do come in
but do be aware, I’m a little chagrin.” Click here for more...

Following in the festive spirit of Halloween, once or twice a day (until we get to Halloween), I’d like to share with you a poem I’ve posted on the other blogs I write at.  Today’s piece is a fun piece which will hopefully reach your inner child, please do follow the ‘click here for more’ link in order to read the whole piece and view the accompanying image; I’m hoping this will bring a smile to your faces.  Enjoy.


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