To Believe

I think I’m coping
But I’m not.
Days go by me
Twisted knots.
I’m now ignoring blatant facts,
Of how and what my life truly lacks.
Truth hurts
So I sow,
Pretend something’s may grow.
Harbouring away what I leave,
There’s days I just can’t breathe.
How I continue
I don’t know.
A pretence, an act, I couldn’t care.
But deep within, that’s not true,
It hurts too much to ridicule.
So I tuck it away from light,
It festers in my darkest nights.
How I’ll cleanse it
I don’t know;
But times come I have to grow.
The road is parting
A path I must take,
Make the most of what gives fate.
Think of positives, that I’ll survive,
How much I should feel alive.
Living, but some days I’m not,
Wasting true-selves
A rotting corpse.
I have to live
To breathe, believe,
My life has much more to be.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013.


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