Hunting Sin

I’ve been fortunate enough to write a few collaborative poems with Richard Ankers (for Halloween), this is the first of six, Richard and I will alternate in posting these poems up until Halloween, keep your eyes out for these festive freaky verses.

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Shattered glass and spectral screams

Moonlit world of demon dreams

Teeth that gnaw, and bite, and snap

I must break free as wolves attack

Darkened forest, gloats and grins

Howling feral, resides within

Those teeth which gnawed, bit and snapped

Hunts down defences of which I lack.

And though I seek to hide away

Lock myself from fear today

The wolves I know are closing in

To tear apart my life of sin

Crimson stained my hands to thee

A line of corpses paves tracks to me

Stacking up, my hunger wanes

Of this trap I must refrain

Copyright © Richard Ankers & yikici.  2013

*Image sourced from: Pinterest.



12 thoughts on “Hunting Sin

    • Why thank you John ☺️ I couldn’t have done this piece justice without Richard’s creative words, it’s been a great collaboration, which we will hopefully continue in the future. ☺️✨

    • (The image I was lucky to stumble across..I was very nearly giving up on attaching an image with this piece, so some kind of magic was at play when it materialised methinks lol.)

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