Life Choices

Alone he sits on his throne

His kingdom too vast and gone

Wonders what took place

To have him abandon his solace

He doesn’t know.

Bolted up his true inner-self

In time became his souls’ only theft

Monologue battles warping his mind

No one’s there to be too kind

He’s leaving love behind.

Ploughing his heart with gold

Lavishing his world void of soul

Absent bodies grace his place

Not one fills warmth in its stead.

Banished to a bottomless-pit.

Holding sides of his serrated soul

Standing tall (bended bow)

Fake smiles, empty embraces

A room filled with warped graces

Paid masked entourage holds centre stage.

His throne adorned with gems

Affections brought, sold like rent

Luxury exuberantly spent

A hollowness now descents.

Poverty hits his inner core, dented.

The richness that he seeks

Is a faith which does not exist

Searching distant lands

For a peace now unfounded

Where is his souls’ kind?

He remembers another time

Where his world was more than sound

A togetherness, supported

By community, family, friends,

Richness woven with love

Something no longer his.

His soul fed, wrapped, dressed.

Not a void in nothingness.

His happiness soared back then

Unlike his barren life of now.

His life now a lost playground.

What price did he pay to live his life this way?

In richness has he all?

Or was he rich years before?

Which poverty should he disown?

Of the two homes he owns

Which is barer, his riches or his soul?

Tell me what do you know?

~ Copyright ©yikici  2013


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