The Power of Mind


It slips you up,

when you’re not looking.

It sends you off course,

when navigation goes a meddling.

It forces your hand,

when lucks not on your side.

It shakes your world around,

when all you want to do is hide.

It tricks you to believe,

all is not lost.

It feeds your need to hope,

when walls crumble, frost.

It twists your darkest deeds,

turns them into light.

It banishes those thoughts,

that your plight is not worth the fight.

It holds you by the hand,

when you’ve let yourself go.

It guides you to the path,

(the one you didn’t know).

It tells you to stay strong,

not to be afraid.

It warms your lonely heart:

when it’s been ripped, flayed.

It calls to you in song,

when actions aren’t enough.

It severs ties with foes,

no matter how rough.

Its’ embrace protects, reassures,

when things fall out of place.

It eases your weary head,

when you need a little space.

It ruffles your life with dance,

when your soul’s troubled, unkind.

It writes your life in words,

verses scribed, defined.

It tells you to believe,

in your darkest hour

That everything isn’t lost,

you need to balance your power.

~ Copyright ©yikici.  2013

 *Image sourced from: DeviantArt.


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