I Remember…

I remember
the vast, dusty playing fields,
soil dried under the baking sun.
Now, a series of apartments, flats
-take centre stage of what was a child’s favourite spot of playground fun.

I remember
the sweeping willow trees,
swaying in the warm summer breeze
-my aunt by my side watching, holding my hand.
Now, the tree’s all gone, cut down to allow for brick, cement and stone
-a home to us, but what of that was natures plans to shelter the wildlife’ lands?

I remember
the biggest porch swing,
in the biggest of back gardens
-my aunt and I sitting, swinging, giggling, a lazy afternoon we shared.
Then, the earth shook, my aunt, was away inside, getting something
-so I thought.
Scared, I ran through the house,
round outside the walls;
once, twice, then on the third one -I saw.

I remember
the relief on my aunts face,
when I crashed into her arms,
in her loving embrace.
I cried,
she cried,
the earth stood still,
-a memory of a yesterland,
tucked up snuggly in my aunts embrace,
I won’t ever forget in haste.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013.


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