Echoes of our Souls

It slowly falters

The presence we share

Dips into recess

That we’re not aware

Wordless voids suffocates our air

Your touch misses

Embraces slips, distressing us bare

Our parting sorrows

-Undressing the melded core we’ve saved for ’morrow

Pretence of how we’ve evolved

-seals our bond, we soon follow.

Hand in hand -wrapped souls grace

Teasingly tantalises then displaces

Mixed virtues, values, ethics, choices

Our path entwined yet we do not hear our voices

A step behind we walk, we tread

Hearts of lost souls we try to feed instead

Disillusioned, falsely denied

Ignorantly we walk our invisible line

A step closer,

Yet further apart

Our hearts too near

Yet distance parts

Fuelling hopes embossed falsely

Our story of love, taunts us disjointedly

Eyes to the keeper of souls that embark

Of a wanderlust journey we’ve hoped to ignite, spark.

~ Copyright ©yikici.  2013


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