Apologies for my Technical Glitches

I need to come clean. I did a big boo-boo big last night, I hit publish where I meant to save the post I was working on…this may have resulted in you receiving an email stating I’ve published a new post, but alas, I did not (sorry) -really and truly I’m sorry; I clearly shouldn’t attempt to be productive when I’m sleepy (lesson learnt -I hope), I do hope you are understanding and forgive my silliness. As a ways of an apology, I plan on posting a couple of extra posts over the week (just because I can 🙂 and want to), to help me decide what to post, please let me know, in the comments, why type of posts you’d like me to share.

  1. Just the usual standard of poetry (please let me know which style of poetry you would like to read).
  2. Reblog a couple to a few poems I’ve shared on the other blogs I post on.
  3. A short story/flash fiction I’ve written in the past.
  4. Some artwork I’ve created in the past, (paintings, photography, arty prints, sketchbook sketches, etc..again, let me know which you’d prefer).
  5. Write a poem for you (the first few commenters (who choose this option) will be the lucky ones, and you can choose the theme of the poem.
  6. You’re not too fussed on what I post.
  7. A suggestion of your own.
  8. What apology? (Oh you are too kind) 😀


I look forward to your comments. ☺️✨


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