You’ve been Watching…

You’ve been watching me with your eyes
Every motion noted,
Every voice muted.
You’ve been watching me
Conditioning my thoughts, my dreams
Forcing me to live a life you believe, not me.
You’ve been watching me,
Reeling me in with your poison,
Spinning a yarn above my head and my skin (which you bred).
You’ve been watching me,
Sinking in your teeth with every word digged,
Buried me underground.
You’ve been watching me,
Setting a trap, edging towards me with your web,
Cocooning me in fine silk, your poison,
I’m trapped.
You’ve been watching me,
Wrapping me tighter and tighter,
My limbs stretch -though doused in your stickiness
-Cobwebbed to your ideals
You’ve been watching me
And I let you…

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013


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