Snow & I

White crystals fall from the sky
Twilight, fast approaching
The air brisk, clean, alive
No one was watching
Just I.
I hold out my hand, hoping to catch
The iced raindrops which fell freely
I could not -for they melted against my hot skin
(Strange for any mortals)
But I’m not one of them
Immortal being (that’s me)
The gatekeeper for the damned
It’s unusual for snow to fall on my land
I look up towards the heavens, questioning
What was playing on their minds
Not their style to play games…

It’s bewitching -these flakes
Dancing ice hanging in the sky
Filtering down to Earth.

I smile

It’s just I and a smile
Not one soul knows
No one knows how transfixed I’ve become
(Watching the snow fall)
Wanting to touch it, yet I’m a glow,
So I watch
Serenity falls with each cold tear dropping out from the sky
I smile, it’s just I and…
the snow…

~ Copyright ©yikici. 09.06.2013


2 thoughts on “Snow & I

    • Don’t be so silly, I’m certain you’ll share something equally good or even better; but thank you for the most humbling comment ever, you are too kind. ☺️✨

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