Dementia Died

That’s the day you smiled at me,
Knowingly, remembering
That’s the day you called my name,
Touched my heart, hope gushed in
That’s the day tears trickled down
Held my hand, promising
That’s the day you went back in
Dementia sightings, clamouring
That’s the day your vacant grin
Held my heart, shattering
That’s the day you told me,
Don’t come back, stay away
That’s the day you knew too
Time had neared, hurting
That’s the day you set me free
Gave me life -gave back my dream.
That’s the day we said goodbye
A secret promise, a blessing
That’s the day dementia died
Took you softly, purposely…

~ Copyright @yikici. 2013.

Remembering my gorgeous gran, who despite her progressing dementia seemed to know her time had come. She repeatedly shook her head to my question “Shall I come back? If you want me to come back and look after you, I will.” I knew then she was saying goodbye to me then, her way to ease my pain. I know it sounds insane that someone with dementia could have such an understanding; but I intuitively believed she was communicating with me, she had a knowing look in her eye which reached into my soul. She once told me in a dream that she will die on a Friday, which she did and on the day of her passing I saw a dream about a funeral. I believe I received the signs & my gran knew all too well. She was my inspiration in life, I will not ever forget. My gorgeous gran, I love you.


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