Silent Battles

Can you hear that?

That silence which pierces through your gut.

Can you feel how it curls into your heart with a callous tap?

Do you tread on that tightrope?

The one which stretches from within
-a space between yourself and my soul, thin.

Can you hear that crawling thought?
It edges slowly when one’s distraught.

A silent tennis match on court
My turn to bat since you’re so taut.

Can you sense it?
When you stare into space.
An abyss of loss you fail to embrace.

Can you hear my distressed growl?
Your dismissive air brings it out in a frown.

Do you know why I just leave
-leave you alone to wipe your tears with your sleeve?

The walls you’ve weaved leaves me no appease.
Your silent thoughts claws at my seams.

Try as I might, you won’t let me in
It wears me thin cause I hardly win.

Do you know why I give in?
Why I leave you, just so you win.

Do you know -you don’t want to know,
I’m too tired, fighting, this arduous foe.

Can you hear where my thoughts lie?
Yes, it’s there if you look in my eye.

~ Copyright © Ozlem Yikici. 2013


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