Sealed Heart

My once sealed heart, I’ll seal once more
I’ll bag it up, toss it to the shore
I’ll make a wish, hope the sea of faith
Will lift my heart -wash it away safe;

I’m hoping that I’m not too late.

My heart now beats, it beats for you
Rigging a curfew to bring down us two
It isn’t what I planned, you planned
Unexpected emotions we remand;

Nothing sways to give us the upper-hand.

My heart is sinking in an ocean fooled
Gulping, blubbering -being ridiculed
It’s edges tear, the seals break
Soon it’ll tumble out all my mistakes;

Don’t stick around -my heart’s due to flake.

Next I’ll bind it (good and tight)
Enchant a spell with all my might
For our love I will ensure
Keep it safe and completely pure;

With this, please be very sure.

A chasm sought to contain
My heart, your heart restrained
Innocent love -bleeding in flight
Thunders erupting blinding their sight;

Soon they drift off into the dark night.
A phantom closing on their delight.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013


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