Crystallised Paths

Of your crystallised words -which should I believe?
The ones laced with grace -or of make-believe?
The truth in your lies -were they a disguise?
Or the falling of words -too callous to guise?

The trails which you’ve left -and now turning cold,
How long should I wait -should I wait, till I fold?
Through rose-tinted glasses, should I look, watch and see?
Or -see, should I -the harsh black and white with its’ misery?

Realities of mine -dusty paths of our time,
Longing for words that once used to rhyme.
Fate took a gamble -a game with our hearts,
Left one of us broken -the other departs.

I was the lock -and you were the key;
A twisted delusion which you helped set free.
Matter of hearts, can never define,
What once was yours, is no longer mine…

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013


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