Two for the Prompt of One

Write a bad poem you say?
Oh my goodness
I can’t
No way.
Words circulating in loops
Bottleneck solutions
(Just fluke).
So I’m just letting type hit this blank page
And hope
This’ll be the last of it’s age,
Hoping that this’ll all make sense?
Not now
Just some nonsense
So let me call this the end
A tribute to all that’s gone wrong
Words which I write
These don’t belong
So, so long
I’m gone.



On writing
Sounding words for’s all just

~ Copyright ©yikici. 18.10.2013.

Written for day 18 of OctPoWriMo, today’s prompt? Write a bad poem. So yea, this what came about (I wrote two -of dear. lol). Enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Two for the Prompt of One

    • This indeed was a fun prompt, I found it liberating when I stopped thinking and just started to type (mainly with the second one), it’s also odd to share a bad poem. lol

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