A Mistake

A mistake
I think I made
A mistake
Which was right…I’m sure.
A mistake
I made…giving you up,
A mistake, it was
I didn’t know.
A right mistake,
It had to be,
But it hurts my core
Too much and more.
A mistake I made
Bringing you close,
Binding our souls as each day transcended.
This mistake I made,
You made it too
But yours caused mine
And mine made you blue.
My mistake is bleeding
Bleeding whilst bending
Backtracking and hoping
Your heart I’ll be mending
But I know it’s the best
-the best’s this mistake
For your life I cannot take
And your life I can’t break
We’re on separate paths
Two flames, grown apart
One day we may meet
Till then I’ll just weep
My love forever be
One day, just you and me.
Till then
It’s a mistake
A mistake we must take…

~ Copyright ©yikici. 05.10.2013


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