The dagger taunts, glistening in the light
My arms outstretched, reaching
Hoping to end
To end all that’s me;
Life wasted
Youth gone,
A rotting carcass;
Hopes of what were yesteryears,
No longer grace my longing tears;
Baggages packed, unpacked then stacked,
Filling in gaps where I lacked.
No longer my heart beats for the love of this world,
No longer it sees a boy for this girl;
Ending illusions which filled up my mind,
Truths now glaring in stark conflicting white;
Journeys which promised
Now cremated to ash,
Lips have been silenced
And eyes left bleeding in stash.
No longer my world sees hope or believes;
No longer it wraps my heart love -it’s diseased.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 14.10.2013


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